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2020 AAU Girls’ Basketball 6th Grade World Championships


West Chester / Cincinnati, Ohio

Lakota West High School (Championship Site)
RGB Academy, Courts4Sports

GRADE:  6th

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR: Mark Hecquet – ph. 513-602-4443 or e-mail



Registration schedule will be released approximately one week prior to the start of the tournament



Practice schedule will be released approximately one week prior to the start of the tournament

Additional practice times will be available throughout the tournament for a nominal fee. Contact Andrea Schwartz for details – 513-460-9497.

GRADE DETERMINATION: 6th Grade Division – An athlete must be in the 6th grade as of October 1, 2019 and can be no older than 13 on August 31, 2020. For an athlete that is in the 7th grade as of October 1, 2019 wanting to play down, they can be no older than 12 on August 31, 2020.

ATHLETE VERIFICATION: Copy of report cards and approved birth records* must be carried to every game. Proof of grade must be available for review, by an AAU designee at all AAU licensed competitions. Acceptable documents include the following:
a. A photocopy of that portion of the athletes’ report card for the current school year which shows name, grade and school.
b. A certified copy of birth record from the State, County, or Municipal Bureau of Vital Statistics in the place of birth (HOSPITAL RECORDS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE).
c. A certified copy of the delayed registration of birth, if the athlete’s birth was not recorded on her day of birth, issued by the same governing bodies.
d. Consular Service Form FS-240, “Report on Birth” issued by the U.S. Department of State
e. Immigration and naturalization forms I-151 and I-25
f. Form No. 43-12311-7 issued by the U.S. Department of Justice
g. Legal passport
h. Driver’s License
i. Electronic Age Verification through SportsAge ID. A one-time registration fee of only $10.00 covers 100% of all updating and processing fees for as long as an athlete participates in the AAU Girls’ Basketball Program.

The ELIGIBILITY MATERIALS may be reviewed at registration time by a member of the AAU Tournament Staff. Failure to have proper documentation at registration or during the event may result in athlete or team disqualification. Acceptable documents can be found at in the Rule Book.

COACH VERIFICATION: All bench personnel must be present and show government issued photo ID in order to receive credentials. NO EXCEPTIONS.


ELIGIBLE TEAMS: Only teams that have qualified through AAU Qualifying Procedures will be eligible to compete in the National Championships. (See 2020 Girls’ Basketball Handbook at and click on Rules).

RULES OF PLAY: This National Championship will be played under 2019-2020 National Federation of State High School Association Rules, except where amended by the AAU Girls Basketball Handbook.

SCHEDULES/RESULTS: Schedules and results will be posted at and will be emailed to each team that provides a valid email address in the Online Roster System.

GAME FORMAT: Two (2) 14 minute halves – 5 minute halftime/warm-up – 3 minute overtime.


BENCH RULES: The home team will sit on the left side of the official scorekeeper, facing the table from the floor. A team may have on its bench only eligible players in uniform and four non-players. Violation of this rule shall result in a two shot technical foul. The violator will be removed from the bench. At least one AAU Member age 18 or older must be on the bench at all times.

MERCY RULE: If a team is up by 15 points or more, in the 2nd and 3rd grade, the leading team cannot press until the offensive team reaches the three-point line. In addition, in the 2nd to 7th grade National Championship Tournaments, a running clock will be used in the second half when a team is behind by 30 or more points. Regular rules will return if at any time the spread falls below 30 points. The losing coach may opt to ignore this rule at any time.

AWARDS: Each athlete and registered coach on the top four finishing teams in the Championship Bracket will receive a finalist medal and the team will receive a trophy. Each athlete and registered coach on the fifth through tenth finishing teams will receive a finalist medal and the team will receive a plaque. Each athlete and registered coach on the top four finishing teams in the Classic Bracket will receive a finalist medal and the team will receive a plaque.

ROSTER: All athletes and non-athletes allowed on the bench must hold a current AAU membership. A team that qualifies for a National Championship Tournament may add a maximum of seven (7) players to its District Roster for the purpose of participating in the National Tournaments. Pick-up/replacement players listed on the roster are subject to the following restrictions:
These players must have been able to satisfy all eligibility requirements (regarding grade, age, residence, etc.) unless approved by the Eligibility Committee. Teams may not add players from the rosters of other teams advancing to the National Championship Tournament. A team advancing to a Division I National Championship may not add a player from another team advancing to a Div. I National Championship in the same age group without the written permission of the Eligibility Committee. For further clarification, please refer to the 2019 AAU Girls Basketball Handbook at (click on Rules/Info).

ELIGIBILITY: Any questions pertaining to the eligibility of a player or team shall be directed to the National Chair or his designee in attendance. No member of the local Tournament Committee shall have the authority to rule on eligibility. The AAU Girls’ Basketball Eligibility Committee will handle all of these matters.

PROTESTS: For National Championship play, any eligibility protest that is turned in the first day of competition by 6:00PM will be reviewed by the eligibility committee, and a decision will be made prior to bracket play. Any eligibility protest that comes after the first day of competition will be reviewed at the Eligibility Committee’s discretion. All non-eligibility protests will be reviewed by the Eligibility Committee at their discretion.

A fee of $100.00 cash (refunded if protest is upheld) must accompany all protests. Protests must come from a non-athlete member listed on the official online roster for the event. The written protest must be submitted to the National Commissioner-in-Charge. All decisions of the Eligibility Committee shall be final.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Players’, coaches’ and spectators’ conduct should be above reproach, on and off the court.
Misbehavior or misconduct may result in disqualification from the tournament. Coaches listed on the official team roster are responsible for the conduct of their players and any damages incurred to the hotel or facilities used by the players. If a coach or a player is suspended during a game, the suspension does NOT include forfeited games. The suspension will be for the next game played.

1. Any coach ejected for fighting will be ineligible for the remainder of the tournament.
2. Players ejected for fighting are ineligible to participate in the team’s next game. Additional penalties, up to exclusion from the tournament, may be imposed by the National Eligibility Committee.
3. If a coach or player is ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike behavior (not fighting), he/she will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game. The head coach may appeal the penalty by submitting a written request for appeal to the Tournament Headquarters within two (2) hours of the conclusion of the game. A Commissioner shall consider the appeal. The Commissioners ruling is final.
4. If a coach or player is ejected a second time, he/she will be ineligible for the remainder of the tournament.
5. Coaches or Players who leave the bench to engage athletes or coaches on the playing floor may be suspended by the National Eligibility Committee for any period up to the duration of the tournament.
6. The National Eligibility Committee may impose suspensions or other penalties for misbehavior which occurs at any time and at any location during the event.
7. Coaches and Athletes who engage in misbehavior are subject to additional disciplinary action from the AAU Girls’ Basketball National Infractions Committee. Penalties may include suspension from AAU events in future years.

UNIFORM: Players’ jerseys must have numbers on both the front and back, numbers can be 00-99. Minimum size of numbers shall be 2″ on the front and 4″ on the back. Teams competing in the International Championship tournaments must have LIGHT and DARK jerseys. The Home team wears White jerseys and Visitor wears Dark jerseys. The top/left team on the schedule shall be the home team and sit on the scorekeepers’ left. The bottom/right team on the schedule shall be the visiting team and sit on the scorekeepers’ right. Violation of this rule shall be penalized by a two (2) shot administrative technical foul for each illegal jersey. The penalty will be assessed at the time the player with the illegal jersey enters the game. We highly recommend you bring both LIGHT and DARK uniforms to each scheduled game.

COACHES’ ATTIRE: All non-uniformed persons on the bench shall wear dress shorts, long pants, shirts with collar and sleeves, non-collared logo team wear with sleeves and dress shoes or tennis shoes during play at the National Championships. Jeans, jean shorts, sweat pants, mesh shorts, tee shirts, hats and open-toed shoes are not permitted. Any non-athlete on the bench will be removed until properly attired. Violation of this rule shall result in a two shot technical foul. The violator will be removed from the bench.

COACHES EDUCATION: The PCA Coaches Education Course is MANDATORY and FREE for all AAU Non-Athletes. Please visit and click on PCA Button in order to enter and take the MANDATORY AAU/PCA coaches educational course. Membership may be revoked from Non-Athletes who do not complete course prior to competition.

WARM-UP & GAME BALLS: Basketballs are provided. DO NOT bring basketballs to games.

SPECTATOR ADMISSION: Daily admission will be available for $12.00 per adult, $10.00 per youth (ages 6-14), 5 and under free. A Length of Event pass will also be available for $45.00 per adult (includes Tournament Program), $30.00 per youth (ages 6-14). Program will be sold for $6.

THEME PARK INFORMATION: Discounted theme park tickets will be available for King’s Island Amusement Park, the largest amusement and water park in the Midwest.