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Registration will take place at Lakota West High School.

Friday,  June 27th,  12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Saturday June 27th, starting at 8:00 AM
Teams registering on June 27th must be present a minimum of 2 hours before their first game.

Lakota West High School – 8940 Union Centre Blvd. West Chester, OH 45069.


Coach Verification:
All bench personnel must be present and show government issued photo ID in order to receive credentials. NO EXCEPTIONS

Team Documentation:              
Each team MUST present “ELIGIBILITY MATERIALS” for review.  The “ELIGIBILITY MATERIALS” must contain:
1.            Copy of the team AAU Online Roster to be used at the event.
2.            Copy of each athlete’s Proof of Grade.
3.            Copy of each athlete’s Proof of Age.
A member of the AAU Tournament Staff may collect the “ELIGIBILITY MATERIALS” for review at your assigned registration time.  Failure to have proper documentation at registration or during the event may result in athlete or team disqualification. Acceptable documents can be found at in the Rule Book.

All athletes and non-athletes allowed on the bench must hold a current AAU membership.  A team  may add a maximum of seven (7) players to its District Roster for the purpose of participating in the Midwest Championships Tournaments.

Team Registration:
Each team will be assigned a specific registration time. It is imperative that your entire team be ready to register at this assigned time. Failure to do so may result in your team having to wait.

Teams should arrive 15 minutes prior to assigned registration time.

Line up players in alphabetical order and the registration coordinator will direct you where to go.

Only individuals listed on the official roster will be allowed to enter the registration room. All other individuals may wait in the Main Street Area of the High School. Tournament passes, programs and merchandise will be available for sale in this area,

Late Registration:
Late registration will be conducted in the Tournament Office at Lakota West High School.  Late registration is available starting at 8am during the tournament.  For special circumstances please contact Andy Fishman 513-477-0911.

For questions and more information please contact
Mark Hecquet at 513-602-4443