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Coaches Information

Rules: This National Championship will be played under 2016-2017 National Federation of State High School Association Rules, except where amended by the AAU Girls Basketball Handbook.  Please visit and click on the Rules/Info tab, then Rules/Handbook.

Coaches’ Attire: All non-uniformed persons on the bench shall wear dress shorts, long pants, shirts with collars and sleeves and dress shoes or tennis shoes during play at the National Championships.  Jeans, jean shorts, sweat pants, mesh shorts, tee shirts, hats and open-toed shoes are not permitted. Any non-athlete on the bench will be removed until properly attired.  Violation of this rule shall result in a two shot technical foul. The violator will be removed from the bench.

COACH VERIFICATION: All bench personnel must be present and show government issued photo ID in order to receive credentials. NO EXCEPTIONS

COACHES’ MEETINGS:  First coaches’ meeting: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28TH, 2017 – 4:30 PM at Lakota West High School in the school theatre.

Second coaches’ meeting: FRIDAY, JUNE 30TH, 2017. There will no formal second coaches meeting. Coaches are recommended to check in with the tournament office 45 minutes after the last game concludes in your pool to verify team bracket play placement.

Team Documentation:
Each team MUST present “ELIGIBILITY MATERIALS” for review.  The “ELIGIBILITY MATERIALS” must contain:
1. Copy of the team AAU Roster to be used at the event.
2. Copy of each athlete’s Proof of Grade.
3.Copy of each athlete’s Proof of Age.
A member of the AAU Tournament Staff may collect the “ELIGIBILITY MATERIALS” for review at your assigned registration time.  All collected materials held for review will be returned to the team at the 2nd Coaches Meeting.  Failure to have proper documentation at registration or during the event may result in athlete or team disqualification. Acceptable documents can be found at in the Rule Book.

Code of Conduct:
Players’, coaches’ and spectators’ conduct should be above reproach, on and off the court.
Misbehavior or misconduct may result in disqualification from the tournament. Coaches listed on the official team roster are responsible for the conduct of their players and any damages incurred to the hotel or facilities used by the players.  If a coach or a player is suspended during a game, the suspension does NOT include forfeited games. The suspension will be for the next game played

If a coach or player is ejected a third time, he/she will be suspended from the tournament.

Bench Rules:
The home team will sit on the left side of the official scorekeeper, facing the table from the floor. A team may have on its bench only eligible players in uniform and four non-players.  Violation of this rule shall result in a two shot technical foul. The violator will be removed from the bench.  At least one person age 18 or older must be on the bench at all times.

For questions and more information please contact
Mark Hecquet at 513-602-4443.